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Why am I getting a bill from this doctor? Radiology Consultants physicians completed specialized training in interpreting imaging procedures and they work under contract with Medical City Dallas Hospital as well as some leading outpatient imaging centers in the Metroplex. The facility bills you for the use of equipment and the personnel involved in your procedure and you receive a separate bill from the radiologists who analyze the images for the doctor who ordered the study. When you registered at the facility, one of the forms you signed stated you would receive a separate bill for RCND services.

Do you accept my insurance plan? Radiology Consultants of North Dallas is contracted with most major insurance plans and we will file your primary, secondary and tertiary claims.

Why donít you have my insurance information? I gave it to the hospital. RCND receives billing information electronically from the facility where you were seen for your radiology procedure. There are times we receive incomplete or outdated information so we encourage you to carefully monitor information you receive from your insurance company (and our billing office) to make sure correct claims were submitted on your behalf. If you detect an error, please contact our billing office and we will gladly re-submit a corrected claim.

Will my account be sent to a collection agency? We bill your insurance plan, accept credit card payments and attempt to communicate with you several times before your account is considered delinquent. If you do not respond or work with us to set up payment arrangements, your account will be sent to a collection agency.



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